Poland Slams EU Funding Change Which Would Deprive Patriotic, Low Immigration Nations of Cash

Jacek Czaputowicz

Poland’s Foreign Minister has said his country will oppose a new European Union plan to change the way funding is allocated within the bloc, effectively cutting access to money to nations who oppose Brussels mass migration directives.

The proposals on changing the way the European Union distributes cash it takes from the governments of member states were revealed in leaked documents in April, which themselves followed comments by German Chancellor Angela Merkel promising that in future EU money would be linked with nations accepting third world migrants.

Responding to the coming change in EU policy, Polish Foreign Minister Jacek Czaputowicz told the Associated Press that the change was the Union exerting unfair political pressure that would hurt nations like Poland, while giving other EU nations with different problems a free pass.

Czaputowicz told the newswire service that “we see this as an intention to exert pressure on some states, as political pressure before talks. For this reason we have a very negative opinion about these ideas.”

The new funding rules, which could see billions of Euros directed away from conservative, populist nations are expected to be formally announced in Brussels on Wednesday.

Breitbart London reported last week that the new test during the 2021-2027 EU budget would be whether nations were doing enough to uphold “EU values”, with the criteria including migration, environmental policy, and youth unemployment.

In February, Chancellor Merkel spoke of “shared European values”, remarking that as far as EU spending decisions go, “Solidarity cannot be a one-way street”. She told the German parliament: “With the distribution of structural funds, we must ensure that the allocation criteria in future reflect the engagement of many regions and municipalities in absorbing and integrating migrants.”

Her remarks were criticised by Austrian counterpart Sebastian Kurz, who rejected the focus on immigration, having earlier remarked: “I’m convinced that the solution to the migrant problem lies with decent border protection and stronger help in countries of origin.”

Poland is not the only country that has come under fire from Brussels for resisting the mass migration agenda. Top European political figures called for similar financial punishments to be meted out to Hungary in 2017, a nation which has triggered the ire of Brussels bureaucrats after it built a successful border wall during the migrant crisis, complaining Hungary was abusing “basic democratic freedoms.”

Hitting back at the claims, government spokesman Zoltan Kovacs said: “This is not the first time COM or other EU institutions, and/or persons related to former EU institutions try to politically blackmail us by threatening with cutting funds or introducing fines for allegedly not falling in line with ‘European values’.”

“It is a traditional method of the European left-liberal political circles — and we all know that it is about Hungary’s political stance on migration and related European issues”, he added.

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