London Police Boss Denies ‘No-Go Areas’ After ‘Regular’ Attacks on Officers

London Met Police
Rob Stothard/Getty

The head of London police has been forced to deny parts of the capital are becoming “no-go areas” after two shocking recent incidents where the public was filmed cheering as officers were assaulted on the job.

The Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, Cressida Dick, said she welcomed members of the public filming and scrutinising officers, but insisted it was “wrong” for them to cheer on a suspected gun criminal struggling with police.

She appeared to be talking about an incident on the 17th of August when people in east London were filmed shouting “go on son!” and “look at the strength!” as the suspect struggled with officers and evaded arrest.

Officers were hospitalised and the suspect was later charged with assault on police, possession of a firearm with criminal intent, obstructing a drugs search, and driving whilst uninsured.

A poll highlighted by Good Morning Britain suggests 7 percent of people have no respect for police and a quarter have less respect for officers than they used to.

Ms Dick told the ITV show: “A couple of weeks ago officers were under enormous attack and were being filmed and people were screaming and shouting and cheering when somebody got away who appears to have had a gun. This is wrong.”

She added: “But people I think should understand that most officers, most of the time, don’t encounter that. This isn’t everybody in Hackney. This isn’t the way things are across London.

“There are no ‘no-go areas’. Police officers are able to go about their business very well.”

She also appeared to reference an incident in Hackney this week when officers were kicked by members of the public as they attempted to make an arrest.

Two officers were later treated for injuries, the Met confirmed, with one suffering an ankle injury and the other sustaining cuts to the face.

The incident appeared to anger officers in London, with the Met’s Superintendent Roy Smith claiming attacks are “happening with alarming regularity” and questioning if “society seems to think this is ok?”

Ms Dick added: “It’s completely unacceptable for people to dive in and try to get involved and pull [police officers] off. They are only putting themselves at risk.

“It’s utterly unacceptable to kick a police officer in any circumstances… people need to give us the benefit of the doubt.”


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