Trump: Boris and Farage’s Brexit Party Should Work Together To Get Britain Out of the European Union

Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images

Donald Trump met with Brexit leader Nigel Farage Tuesday as Britain learnt that Boris Johnson would be the next Prime Minister, a revelation that prompted the President to say Mr Johnson and Mr Farage should work together to take Britain out of the European Union.

Nigel Farage revealed after the meeting that he had again discussed Brexit with President Trump, who was full of praise for Boris Johnson — who will officially become Prime Minister on Wednesday — and scorn on Theresa May’s “pathetic” legacy.

Relaying the content of the conversation from written notes, Mr Farage said: “I asked the President, do you have a message for the British people? He said: ‘Sure, I think Boris will make a great Prime Minister. He brings much-needed energy to the job, the last three years have been pathetic. I want him to work with you, Nigel to get the Brexit deal done’.”

Subsequently, the President addressed a meeting of Turning Point USA and spoke about his conversation with Nigel Farage, when he praised him for his Brexit Party’s recent strong performance in the European Union elections. The President said:”He got 32 per cent of the vote from nowhere… he’s done a great job. I know he’s going to work well with Boris, they are going to do some great things.”

There has been significant discussion over the possibility of a Conservative-Brexit party pact to deliver the Brexit the British people voted for in 2016, but which outgoing Prime Minister Theresa May failed to achieve.

It is almost certain that despite his stated desire to deliver, Prime Minister Boris will lack the numbers needed in Parliament to pass votes, and will likely need to go to the country in a fresh general election. If the Brexit Party — who recent polls and national elections have consistently beaten the governing Conservatives — stand against the Conservatives, they could be severely damaged.

Tory MP Andrew Bridgen said that Mr Farage could “destroy the Conservative Party” or help it “deliver Brexit”, telling Breitbart News’s James Delingpole that in the event of an early General Election, Johnson would have to form an alliance with “kingmaker” Farage.


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