Underage Afghan Migrants Arrested for Moria Migrant Camp Arson

LESBOS, GREECE - SEPTEMBER 09: Fires continue to rage for a second night in the Moria migr
Byron Smith/Getty Images

Greek police have arrested five migrants, including two underage Afghans, in connection to the alleged arson of the Moria migrant camp which has left more than 13,000 people homeless.

Since the fires at the Moria camp erupted last week, several Greek officials have classified the incident as an act of arson. Now, Greek police have arrested five migrants, two of whom are 17-year-olds from Afghanistan, and say they are currently looking for a sixth suspect.

The Ministry of Civil Protection made the case a priority last week and deployed the Police Directorate of Lesbos along with counter-terrorism investigators to look into the arson. They found CCTV footage of the alleged suspects setting fires that may have gutted at least half of the migrant camp.

According to a report by Greek newspaper Proto Thema, the two underage migrants had been transferred from the island of Lesbos on humanitarian grounds the day after the arson attack. They were arrested at their accommodation on the Greek mainland.

Michalis Chrysochoidis, Greek Minister for Civil Protection, said: “The arsonists of Moria are detained. They are five young people who are foreigners. Another one is being sought.”

“One thing’s for sure. Lesbos can’t stand any more slogans. It wants seriousness and robust administration. I assure you that logic and legitimacy, safety, health, and normal life will prevail,” he added.

Officials have claimed that the motivation for the fire came after the camp was put on lockdown following several positive tests for the Wuhan coronavirus.

A new temporary migrant structure has been build at Kara Tepe, the site of a migrant camp used to house the overflow for the Moria camp in the past.

Migrants and local Lesbos residents alike have resisted efforts to house migrants in the new temporary facility, with both demanding that asylum seekers be taken from the island.

Last week, Lesbos locals formed roadblocks to prevent the rebuilding of the main Moria camp after the fire, with one resident commenting: “We’ve reached our limits. Is anyone thinking of us who see our property destroyed? We’re protesting. We don’t want this camp to be rebuilt.”

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