Woke Canadian City Council to Remove Statue of First Prime Minister

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A Canadian city council has voted to remove a statue of the country’s first prime minister, following claims its presence was painful to indigenous people.

After a vote of seven to four, the city council of Regina, Saskatchewan, approved the relocation of the statue of Sir John A. Macdonald from Victoria Park.

According to a report from Canadian public broadcaster CBC, the statue will be packaged up and removed while the city launches a consultation on where to put it.

The move comes after a report that commented on the Canadian government’s policies towards indigenous peoples when Sir John served as prime minister.

“These policies include use of day schools and residential schools as tools of assimilation, relocation of Indigenous peoples away from traditional hunting and fishing areas to make room for European settlement, and an inadequate and often corrupt system for delivering rations to reserves,” the report stated.

The broadcaster remarked that the city council is “visibly white” and notes that Councillor Cheryl Stadnichuk stated members had an “obligation” to understand the history of indigenous people.

“If we want to talk about erasing history, it was John A. Mcdonald [sic] and decades of governments that erased Indigenous history,” Ms Stadnichuk said, and added: “We want to talk about cancel culture, it was John A. Macdonald and decades of governments that tried to cancel the entire culture of Indigenous people.”

The ruling is just the latest attempt to remove evidence of Prime Minister Macdonald from public spaces in Canada.

Last summer in Montreal, far-left extremists tore off the head of a statue of Canada’s first prime minister while chanting “abolish the police”.

In 2018, Sir John’s Public House, at the site of Sir John’s former law office in Kingston, Ontario, announced it would be removing the prime minister’s name, claiming it was offensive to some indigenous customers.

Sir John is not the only figure to have their images attacked in recent months. A statue of Canada’s reigning monarch, Queen Elizabeth II, was beheaded in Victoria, British Columbia, in February.

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