Court Hears Migrant Beat Wife After Claiming to Recognise Her on Pornography Website

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A 34-year-old man beat his wife after he thought he recognised her while watching a pornographic video online.

The court of Saint-Brieuc heard that in June, a social worker reported to police that she suspected a young migrant Muslim woman had been subjected to domestic abuse. Despite her Islamic veil, evidence of physical violence could be seen.

A physician later examined the woman and found evidence of strikes, swelling, and strangulation so severe that she was given a 31-day incapacity from work order.

According to a report from the newspaper Le Trégor and published on the French news platform, the woman’s 34-year-old husband had claimed he recognised his wife on a pornographic website and, feeling betrayed, beat her.

However, after noting physical differences between the two women, he later realised the woman in the pornographic video was not his wife. Despite apologies and excuses, she decided to press charges for domestic abuse.

However, as the prosecutor was delivering closing arguments in the case, the woman, who had to speak through an interpreter, said she wanted to drop the charges against her husband.

Despite the woman’s call to drop the charges, the prosecutor demanded a conviction, saying: “The offence has been clearly presented and therefore I request a sentence of 10 months in prison with a probationary suspension of five years, with treatment.” The court confirmed the sentence.

The case comes just months after another migrant, born in Algeria, was accused of shooting his wife and setting her on fire in the commune of Mérignac outside Bordeaux.

According to reports, Mounir B. murdered his wife, who he had met in Algeria in 2015, because she acted too much like a French woman. In police custody, the Algerian-French duel citizen claimed he just wanted to “leave marks” and punish his wife rather than kill her.

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