Chief Afghan War Auditor: Wasteful Spending and Fraud ‘Kills’

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Wasteful spending and fraud involving the billions in American taxpayer funds devoted to the nearly 16-year-old war in Afghanistan can be fatal, warned the chief of the U.S. Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR), a watchdog agency.


Controversial EB-5 Visa Gets Extension

A controversial visa program, known as the EB-5, which allows wealthy foreign nationals to promise significant domestic investments in trade for Green Cards has been extended in the latest spending bill.

visa green card

Twitter Begins Testing User Complaint Bot

Twitter has begun testing a rudimentary customer support bot, enabling the @support account to provide automated replies to user questions and complaints.

Twitter took its free-speech battle against the US government to court as it seeks to protect the identity of one of its account holders critical of the Trump administration

Texas Dem Pushes Longer Response Time for Priority CPS Calls

A Democrat state representative in Texas has pre-filed a bill that would give Child Protective Services (CPS) a longer response window for both the highest priority and second highest priority cases after a report of abuse or neglect.


Muslim Walks Free After Threatening To Behead UKIP Candidate

A Muslim businessman who threatened to behead a UKIP candidate has had his conviction quashed after the judge decided the threat was merely a “throw away, angry line”. The judge said Aftab Ahmed, 45, made the comments because of his


Purple ‘Smurf’ Kitten Rescued from Abuse

A purple kitten named “Smurf” was rescued from apparently being used as a dog chew toy. It was ultimately delivered to a shelter in Redwood City, California, where the emaciated animal is recovering.

Smurf kitten (Nine Lives Foundation / Facebook)