Classic Deep State: UK Bureaucrats Threaten Strike Over Govt’s Illegal Migration Deterrent Plan

LONDON, ENGLAND - NOVEMBER 27: Demonstrators hold placards during the Refugees welcome: Emergency Solidarity Protest on November 27, 2021 in London, England. Protesters from various organisations including Care4CAlais, Jewish Socialist Group, National Education Union, Muslim Association of Briain and Stop The War Coalition hold a demonstration outside Downing Street in …
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Bureaucrats in the United Kingdom’s Home Office have reportedly threatened to stage a strike over the government’s plan to send illegal boat migrants to Rwanda, with some comparing the crackdown to Nazi Germany.

Comments uncovered on an internal online messageboard at the Home Office — which is tasked to deal with migration in Britain — have revealed government employees are threatening a rebellion against Home Secretary Priti Patel’s intention to send migrants who arrive illegally across the English Channel to Rwanda for processing in an attempt to deter the record setting pace of boat migrants landing on British shores.

According to a report from the Daily Mail, one deep state loyalist invoked the history of Nazi Germany, writing of the plan:  “The words ‘I was only obeying orders’ are echoing down through history to me and making me queasy.”

The report, which was verified as accurate by the Home Office to left-wing The Guardian newspaper, quoted another Home Office employee as saying: “Do we have a responsibility to not just leave, but to organise and resist? We cannot simply wash our hands and walk away.”

“I find the government proposal totally unethical and it impacts directly upon my workstream. As a civil servant can I refuse this type of work in contravention of my own ethics?” another questioned.

One deep state employee expressed no longer feeling “safe” to disclose their position at the Home Office, claiming to “just make up a nondescript role in another government department when asked what I do for a job.”

“I’ve worked for the Home Office for 20 years. There’s been some ups and downs in that time. But this announcement has made me feel deep shame and is the first time I am considering my position here and whether I need to get out of this department,” another added.

Home Secretary Priti Patel has defended the plan to send illegal aliens to Rwanda as the only way of feasibly deterring the vicious people-smuggling gangs, so long as France is unwilling to accept the return of boat migrants setting sail from their beaches.  Patel has also said that left-wing opposition to sending migrants to the East African nation has undertones of “xenophobia”, noting that other European nations have deemed the country safe to house asylum seekers.

Indeed, on Wednesday, it was reported that the progressive Scandinavian Kingdom of Denmark is in talks to also send asylum seekers to Rwanda to have their applications processed there instead of on Danish soil.

The government has nonetheless faced widespread criticism over the plan, including from the mainstream media, the United Nations, and even the Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby who has once again entered into the political fray to denounce the Rwanda plan as against the “nature of God“.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson, for his part, has argued that the media and Welby have demonstrated more outrage over the plan to send illegals to another country than they did for the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

The UK government is not alone, however, in seeing the deep state attempt to assert its authority over the will of the people. In France, which is currently enthralled in a tight battle for the presidency between incumbent globalist President Emmanuel Macron and populist-nationalist challenger Marine Le Pen.

This week, Didier Leschi, the longstanding head of France’s Office of Immigration and Integration (Ofii) declared that he will not “collaborate” with Le Pen should the voters back her in the upcoming second and final round of the French election.

Arguing that Le Pen’s hardline stance on migration would be “breaking with our republican traditions” Leschi said that he would not work with the government chosen by the people, should Le Pen win.

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