Qatar Energy Minister Slams German Minister, Demands West Respect Anti-LGBT Stance

20 March 2022, Qatar, Doha: Robert Habeck (l, Bündnis 90/Die Grünen), German Federal Min
Bernd von Jutrczenka/picture alliance via Getty Images

Qatar’s Energy Minister Saad Sharida al-Kaabi has slammed Germany’s economics minister and stated the west should respect Qatar’s anti-LGBT views following the signing of a major gas deal.

The Qatari minister signed a new deal with Germany this week which will see the Middle Eastern country supply as much as two million tonnes of liquified natural gas (LNG) to Germany per year starting in 2026 but had no issues with slamming Germany’s economics minister Robert Habeck over the German minister’s World cup comments.

“If you accuse someone of corruption, you have to show evidence. You are legally liable if you say someone is corrupt,” Al-Kaabi told the German newspaper Bild, following comments made by Habeck, who claimed corruption explained why Qatar was hosting the football World Cup.

Al-Kaabi was also clear that his country would not agree with the west on homosexuality saying, “The West says that we as Qataris have to change. That we need to change our religion, our beliefs, and do what they think is right: fully accept LGBTQ. Where is my human right to choose what I want for my religion, my country, my children and my family?”

“But if you want to change me to say that I believe in LGBTQ, that my family should be LGBTQ, that I accept LGBTQ in my country, that I change my laws and change Islamic laws to please the West, that’s not acceptable,” he added.

On the new gas deal, the Qatari minister stated that the Greens in Germany had put up resistance to Germany buying LNG from Qatar in the past but stated that due to the Ukraine war, Germany had “made a 180-degree turn.”

Earlier this week, German MEP Dr Gunnar Beck, a member of the populist Alternative for Germany (AfD), slammed the leftist German government’s handling of the energy crisis, telling Breitbart London, “They have been in government for a good year now and everything seems to have been mishandled.”

Now that we are trying to phase out Russian gas and other fossil fuels, it’s a disaster, because we have no energy security — Russia provided that — and prices for any possible substitutes, notably American LNG (liquid natural gas) are around four times as high compared to Russian gas,” he said and added, “So for consumers, households, and for our industry, that’s a disaster. Inflation has been rising, it’s been a disaster all around.”

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