Twitter Restores Renaud Camus, French Novelist Who Coined ‘Great Replacement’ Term

French writer Renaud Camus looks on on October 8, 2016 in Montpellier, southern France, du
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Social media giant Twitter has restored the account of prolific French novelist and ‘Great Replacement’ writer Renaud Camus, who claims he had been suspended over an ironic “anti-white” comment he made on the platform.

Twitter restored Mr Camus’ account after banning the French author in May of last year, one of many accounts reinstated in recent weeks since a change of management.

Speaking to Breitbart News, Mr Camus explained the reasoning for the suspension saying, “the pretext for the ban appears only now and it is very funny.”

“The national French channel France Culture had had a program saying native French were responsible for the failure of the ‘vivre ensemble‘ [integration] because they did not want to live alongside immigrants and were fleeing away from quarters with a lot of them — which had prompted from me this ironic tweet: ‘D.rty White B.stards! They don’t even want to be strangled on the spot !’. So I was expelled for antiwhite racism!” he said.

Camus also spoke out about others using the term Great Replacement, which some dismiss as a conspiracy theory, with little to no reference to his own writings saying, “For one thing there is no such thing as a ‘theory’ of Great Replacement. Great Replacement is a dire and sinister fact, not a theory. My ‘theory’ is Global Replacism as expressed in my book La Dépossession. But no one has read me among media people.”

The French writer added that his central concepts have always revolved around non-violence and stated, “As I like to say there are two types of professionals one can rest assured they have not read me, they are journalists and mass murderers .”

In 2018, Camus spoke to Breitbart News on the Great Replacement and its links to those who attend the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos, calling the elites the “Davocracy” and stating they support “the change of people and civilisation for the sake of the industry of man, the economic system which produces the Undifferentiated Human Matter, the human Nutella, spreadable at will.”


In the last several years, the concept of the Great Replacement has become more and more widely spoken of, despite Camus himself and his writings not being well-known outside of France, with major U.S. commentators such as Tucker Carlson speaking about the concept last year.

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban also mentioned the Great Replacement last year in May, stating that Western countries were “experimenting with the programme of great replacement.”

In France, where Mr Camus is more well-known the general public, polling claims, is basically sympathetic to Camus’s views. A November 2021 poll found that as many as half of the French believe in the idea of a ‘Great Replacement’.

Camus said then that the “Great Replacement is the crime against humanity of the 21st century. In Europe, at least, it is extremely advanced.”

“The political system and type of society which sustain it is relying entirely on denial, what I call ‘global negationism’. It creates an inverted ‘real’, which I name ‘falseal’, or ‘fakeal’, le faussel, and which, like all societies built upon lying, notably the late Soviet Union, is extremely fragile and can collapse at the strike of a match of truth,” he said.


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