School Decisions to Teach Children About Anal and Oral Sex Sparks Government Review


The United Kingdom will soon launch an expert review panel into sex-ed in schools after children were reportedly taught about oral and anal.

The review of sex education guidelines in England’s schools will reportedly work to ensure that no “disturbing or inappropriate content” will be taught to the country’s children.

It comes after numerous reports that young pupils in the country were taught about a wide variety of explicit subjects, such as anal sex, oral sex and transgenderism.

According to a report by The Guardian, UK Education Secretary Gillian Keegan explained that the review was being brought about due to these reports, claiming the current Conservative Party government were just as surprised regarding the matter as parents were.

“The wellbeing and safeguarding of children is our absolute priority, and I share the concerns of parents and teachers about reports that inappropriate lessons are being taught in schools,” she said.

“The review of the statutory guidance – with the help of this expert panel – will provide clear safeguards against children being taught concepts they are too young to understand or that are inappropriate for their age,” she added.

The panel chosen to review the issue will reportedly be made up of health and legal experts, as well as a number of government officials, with their main task reportedly to ascertain whether or not the state should mandate hard age limits for certain sex education topics.

As of writing, the quality of sex education ranges widely within England, with some young children being taught all about topics such as anal and oral sex by their schools.

Issues surrounding transgenderism are also reportedly taught in some institutions, with children being instructed to believe that there are many different genders, and that such a concept is not limited to a person’s sex characteristics.

The discovery of such extreme school curricula horrified numerous parents throughout the country, with even UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak saying that he was concerned as a parent regarding what children were being taught.

“These materials are obviously sensitive. I speak as a parent, first and foremost, rather than a politician,” he said back in March.

“It’s important that it’s age-appropriate and it’s important that parents know what’s going on and have access to those materials,” Sunak added. “If that’s not happening, then we need to make sure that it is and that’s why it’s right that we do a proper review of the situation.”

The government review will be scheduled to wrap up around the end of September.

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