Imam Calls on French Government to Deport ‘All’ Foreign Islamist Extremists ‘Without Pity’

Hassen Chalghoumi (C), the Franco-Tunisian imam of the municipal Drancy mosque in Seine-Sa
Michel Stoupak/NurPhoto via Getty Images

An Imam in Paris has called upon the French government to immediately deport any migrants who are known to the police for Islamic extremism.

In the wake of another suspected Islamist assassination of a teacher in France on Friday, Hassen Chalghoumi, the Imam of the Parisien suburb of Drancy has called Emmanuel Macron’s government to “go further” in its efforts to combat terrorism. Chalghoumi argued that any foreigner who is on the government’s extremist watch list, known as having an “S file”, for radical Islamism should be removed from the country.

The killing of Dominique Bernard on Friday was allegedly carried out by Mohamed Mogouchkov, who reportedly not only was on the extremist watch list but had also been set for deportation in 2014 alongside his entire family before pro-migrant groups successfully blocked their removal.

Speaking to the Le Figaro newspaper on Saturday, Imam Chalghoumi said: “I support President Emmanuel Macron and his government in the fight against terrorism. But we must go further.

“I solemnly call on [Minister of the Interior] Gérald Darmanin to expel all S files who are not French. All, without pity. They don’t have any for us, let’s not have any for them. Are we going to wait until they kill half our teachers? Our future is unclear. We must show that the Republic is firm.”

The Imam went on to say that Islamists are focussing on France “because the terrain is favourable to them,” noting that “political Islamism is present, both through the Muslim Brotherhood and certain far-left political parties which are taking advantage of the conflict for electoral reasons.”

Chalghoumi accused the leftist La France Insoumise (LFI) party of betraying and taking the Muslim community “hostage” by failing to properly condemn terrorism, saying: “These associations and parties feed on hatred and division. And bring the conflict to our territory.”

“We have to say no, firmly, and show that we are together. We can support the Palestinian cause, I myself am for a two-state solution. But these barbarians from Hamas and Hezbollah have nothing to do with the Palestinian cause. By massacring children and raping women, they betray Islam and recreate the Shoah,” the Imam said.

Chalghoumi also called on tech firms to do more to combat Islamist propaganda from infecting young people: “Our youth are fragile, lacking guidance and knowledge. The internet giants have a responsibility. I accuse Google, Twitter, TikTok and other social networks of being irresponsible.”

The call from the Imam comes as the French government raised its emergency attack” alert to its highest threat level. On Saturday, the government went on to announce the mobilisation of up to 7,000 soldiers to bolster security measures throughout the country. Saturday also saw major attractions in France, the Louvre Museum and the Palace of Versailles, evacuated and shut down over reported bomb threats.

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