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French Muslims

French Army Investigating 50 Cases Of Radicalisation Among Its Ranks

The French army is currently investigating 50 cases of “radicalisation” in its ranks. A new report from the Directorate for Protection of Security and Defence (DPSD) says the threat of Islamic terrorism within the army is growing. The report stated


French Teenager Stabbed in Attempted Ramadan ‘Sacrifice’

A 19-year-old girl has been stabbed three times in Rennes, western France, in an attack carried out as an attempted “sacrifice” for Ramadan. Her injuries were not life-threatening. The knife attack came just a day after a jihadist killed a


French PM Backs Security Forces After New Terror Attack

AFP – Prime Minister Manuel Valls defended France’s security forces Wednesday after the first deadly jihadist terror attack on French soil since the Paris massacres last November. Valls rebutted criticism that the authorities could have thwarted the bloody assault. “I


Muslims Beat Waitress For Serving Alcohol During Ramadan

Muslims in France have left a waitress with a large facial haematoma on the first day of Ramadan because the attackers had seen her serving alcohol. The waitress said she was alone in the bar when the men entered.  They


French Muslim Admits Terrorism *IS* Muslims’ Problem To Deal With

A French Muslim blogger has called upon his fellow Muslims to rise up against radical Islam within their midst – directly opposing the mainstream narrative that Muslims cannot be held responsible for combatting extremism in their midst. The warning of

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