VIDEO: Strangers Raise over $1,000 for Woman’s Car Repair Bill

A woman in Newnan, Georgia, received a big surprise last week when strangers decided to take care of her car repair bill.

Rachell Tucker did not know what to do when she realized the bill to have her car fixed was going to cost much more than she expected, according to WSBTV.

“I was going to have to leave the car there until I could come up with the money and something just came over me and I broke down crying,” she said.

However, when an employee at the Mike Fitzpatrick Ford dealership saw Tucker crying as she cleaned out her vehicle, she knew she had to help.

“She walked out in tears,” said Sarah Najour. “It broke my heart when I saw her go to her car and start getting her stuff.”

Najour posted the story on her Facebook page and asked social media users for their help in paying off Tucker’s bill.

The post read:

She is unable to pay the $800 it costs to repair her car. So I’m asking Facebook for help. If I could have 800 people which I know I have over that many on my Facebook, can 800 people send me $1 so we can get this woman’s car fixed. It broke my heart watching her clean her car out knowing she wouldn’t be leaving with it. Just trying to do something nice & help someone out who desperately needs it.

Two hours after posting the request, Najour’s helpers had raised a little over $1,000. She also used her employee discount to have Tucker’s repair bill cut in half, according to WFTV.

Tucker and her four children recently lost their home in a fire and were living in a hotel before moving to Newnan. She commutes to her job in LaGrange every day, so her car is an essential part of how she provides for her kids.

Friday, Najour gave Tucker the good news and presented her with $500 of the remaining funds.

“I don’t know anybody here so it was nobody but God and it was a blessing and I really do appreciate that,” Tucker said of the generous gift.

“I knew God put me there for a reason,” Najour concluded.


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