WATCH– Secret Santa Gifts Idaho Man All-Terrain Wheelchair: ‘I Have Been Thanking God for You’

An east Idaho Secret Santa provided an Arco man with a $15,000 certificate for an all-terrain wheelchair as the anonymous gift giver continues his campaign to give away $1 million to deserving residents in his community this holiday season with the help of a local news crew.

Dave Hansen is a fixture in the Arco community. When he is not coaching the cross-country and track teams at the local high school, he is probably cheering on his neighbors and fellow community members at a town event or attending a church function.

In 2009, when Dave was 26, he was involved in a life-altering car accident, and as a result, Dave is quadriplegic. He is “cared for by his amazing parents. Though his legs and arms do not work the same, his heart and dedication are as strong as ever,” East Idaho News reports.

Dave found his passion for coaching cross-country and track at a local high school in recent years.

“I think it was 2017 when I started, so a few years,” he told East Idaho News. 

He has been instrumental in the program. Dave was previously told if he could not coach, then the cross-country program would not be able to continue, so he shows up every day for his student athletes. 

In his free time, he works on his fly tying skills.

“It’s something that I used to like to do before I got in this car accident and it’s something that I’ve worked on and figured out how to do since,” he told East Idaho News. 

His flys won first prize at the Boise Fair this past year. 

“I try to give them as gifts to people that have made an impact to me. Hopefully, it’s kind of inspiring to share them on Facebook and stuff, for people to decide that they can do things they want to do,” he added. 

Recently, Dave’s chair has shown signs of wear. He has been hoping to buy a new one but was unsure of how he was going to cover the cost. A Secret Santa and the East Idaho News team had a solution. 

The news crew recently paid Dave a visit at his home in Arco to give him a few presents from the anonymous man. The first was a $5,000 check. 

“Thank you guys so much, that’s huge. Thank you,” he told the news team. 

Nate Eaten of the East Idaho News then gave Dave his second gift: a $15,000 certificate for an all-terrain wheelchair that he can customize himself. 

“Oh man, you kidding me?” He said with a grin. “Wow”

Dave can finally put his delicately-crafted beautiful flys to work. 

“I’ve been talking to my buddies about getting one to go fishing actually, but I don’t have the funds to do so, so thank you very much,” he told Nate and the news team. 

After the news team left, Dave sent them a touching message that stated:

I have been wondering where I was going to get my portion of the cost of a new everyday wheelchair and this has been the answer to my prayers. The one I use all the time has lasted really well but it’s quite overdue for a new one. I wasn’t sure how I’d cover the part that insurance wouldn’t and Secret Santa’s $5k will do it. I have been thanking God for you in my prayers.

Secret Santa and the East Idaho News team have been at it all week. On Saturday, Breitbart News reported the anonymous man gifted a lovely couple a wheelchair-accessible van, and paid six months’ rent for a family enduring turbulent times. 


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