American Heritage Girls Pushes Back Against Pride Month with Guide on Godly Gender Identity

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American Heritage Girls, the Christian alternative to the woke Girl Scouts of the USA, is countering the push for the homosexual and transgender lifestyle during “Pride Month” by issuing “A Raising Godly Girls Guide to Gender and Identity.”

The organization said it is pushing back against efforts to “indoctrinate” young people into embracing beliefs and behaviors contrary to Christian values and natural law.

“For centuries, the beauty of God-given femininity has been under attack, its definition debated, its behavior contested,” Patti Garibay, AHG founder and executive director, said in a statement issued to Breitbart News. “Secular humanism has attempted to destroy the beautiful model of femininity and transform it into an equal model of masculinity. Today, it has gone one step further to claim an embrace of non-binary sexual identity.”

“With all this confusion in our society, it is no wonder that this debate has filtered down to our youngest members: our children. This is no coincidence. Satan is in for the long haul,” Garibay said.

“God-given femininity requires no debate,” she continued. “It is a gift that, when freely accepted, will bless a woman throughout her life whether she wears heels and loves shopping or whether she serves the hungry in her jeans and comfy t-shirt.”

“As Christians, we must engage in this discussion,” Garibay said. “Scripture is clear: There is a difference between male and female, and it is worth celebrating. Scripture defines the true nature of a woman: relational, nurturing, vulnerable, with a love for beauty and a desire to respond.”

Calling the guide “groundbreaking,” the press release said it “provides tools parents can use to understand society’s attitude towards gender and applies biblical truth highlighting the beauty in the differences between men and women.”

The guide will include a glossary of “gender terms” the Pride movement has been promoting so that “parents will come away with a set of tools and exercises to begin this important conversation with their girls.”

The guide says, in part:

The gender identity of today’s girls is one of the most difficult spiritual battlegrounds on which today’s families struggle. The world tells our children that a girl’s identity lies in whom she says she is or isn’t—that the ability to determine her core essence depends on her own fragile understanding to decide. In fact, Barna Research Group’s 2019 Gen Z Study found that “one-third of teens say gender is how a person feels inside, not their birth sex.” 

But believers know this to be a dangerous falsehood. God designed each person with tender, loving care exactly the way He wanted us to be. But that same Barna Study found that “seven out of 10 teens believe it’s acceptable to be born one gender and feel like another.” The study goes on to share that “three in 10 teens report personally knowing someone, most often a peer, who has changed his or her gender identity.” This concept of “gender fluidity” isn’t something we can ignore. Today’s girl needs to learn that God has created her, in this body, in this time, for a purpose. Scripture tells us time and again that God created us with meaning, that we were no accident, because our Creator makes no mistakes.”

Founded in 1995, AHG now has troops in all 50 states and is also serving girls in 15 other countries.

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