Moms Plan Surprise Meeting for Sweethearts with Down Syndrome

Two sweethearts were reunited recently after their moms planned a surprise meeting for them at an airport in Ohio.

Nick Doyle, 30, and Gabi Angelini, 21, who both have Down syndrome, fell in love when they met at the National Down Syndrome Society conference in Detroit, Michigan, in April.

However, they were forced to separate after the conference because Doyle lives in Canton, Ohio, and Angelini lives in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Doyle’s mother, Lisa, said they forgot to exchange numbers after the conference, but “‘Like a good little millennial, [Nick] went to social media and found her,” his mom wrote on Facebook, adding, “They started their long-distance romance via text and phone and FaceTime.”

The couple were able to meet again in June for a conference in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania but had to part ways once more when it was over.

However, the two moms put their heads together and came up with a plan to ease the pain of the couples’ separation.

Doyle’s mother said:

Mary, Gabi’s mom, reached out to me and we knew we had to do something to get them together. Mary booked a flight for her and Gabi to come to visit us in Canton. We decided we would try to surprise them. Mary told Gabi they were going to a conference…I told Nick a friend needed a ride home from the airport.”

Video footage of their surprise shows an emotional Doyle as he falls to the floor when he sees Angelini coming down the airport escalator.

The young woman then drops her bags and runs into his arms as he picks her up and swings her around.

Angelini’s mother commented that although neither of the young adults have ever been in a romantic relationship before, that has not stopped them from jumping right in.

Her mother said, “People with Down syndrome have no warm up time when it comes to love. They lean in and love fully.”

Doyle is part of an improv group called The Improvaneers that is exclusively for people with Down syndrome, and Angelini is a coffee shop entrepreneur.

An Instagram page called “nickngabisworld” shows pictures of the couple holding hands and spending time with friends and family.

“Just an ordinary couple, both with Down Syndrome, living in 2 different states, 1 entrepreneur, 1 actor/self advocate…tryin to make it werk,” the page stated.


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