VIDEO: Woman Sees Late Father in Ultrasound Photo of Baby

A mother in San Diego, California, said an ultrasound photo of her baby has a deeper meaning upon noticing the image of her late father in it.

Shantel Carrillo, who is five months pregnant, finally got to see the much-anticipated profile image of her unborn daughter Monday, according to Fox 5.

However, the young mom said that once she posted it to her Reddit profile, people noticed there was something different about the black and white photo before she did.

“I didn’t see it; I just posted the original picture online,” Carrillo told 10 News San Diego.

They said it appeared to show “an angel” leaning down and kissing her little girl as she tipped her face up. However, Carrillo believes it was not just any angel in the picture, but her late father, Charles, who passed away suddenly in 2016.

“It has his nose, his little chubby cheeks, his little double chin, and my dad wore a hat like all the time. It looks like the bill of his hat and his lips are just touching hers so perfectly,” Carrillo said.

When placed alongside a photo of her eldest daughter, Myree, and her grandpa, the resemblance is uncanny.

Carrillo showed the image to her stepmother, who was also shocked and “broke down, freaking out crying,” the young mom said.

“That’s so beautiful. She literally is being kissed by her guardian angel,” one social media user said of the photo.

Carrillo said she believes her beloved father was sending her a special message as she prepares for the baby to be born in April.

“I think my dad would just be over the moon about it, so I feel like he’s including himself in this someway, somehow,” she commented, adding, “It was kind of like validation. This is just something he would do.”


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