‘The Atlantic’ Has ‘Regrets’ Over Error-Filled Pro-Abortion Article

A recent piece in The Atlantic aimed at undermining the use of ultrasounds to convince people that infants in the womb are human was so filled with errors that after its publication the magazine was forced to issue a slew of “we regret” addenda to the piece to apologize for the many inaccurate assertions made by the author.

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Atlantic Fake News: Fetal Heartbeats Are ‘Imaginary’

The Atlantic magazine had to scramble Tuesday to repeatedly amend a new article against ultrasound technology that spoke of fetal heartbeats as “imaginary” and denied that unborn babies are alive.

A pregnant Albanian woman lies on a bed while doctor looks at the foetus on a monitor as he carries out a sonogram on April 20, 2015 in Tirana. Selective abortions remain a common practise in Albania and several Balkan countries, where an imbalance between boys and girls at birth …

Planned Parenthood Lies about Scott Walker Ultrasound Quote

After praising a new Wisconsin law that mandates ultrasounds for women considering an abortion, Republican presidential hopeful Scott Walker had to deal with the wrath of Planned Parenthood. It accuses him of supporting laws “designed to shame and demean” women and lying about what the law actually requires.

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