Gavin Newsom Backs Down; ‘Hard Close’ of Orange County Beaches Only

Newport Beach April 25 (Michael Heiman / Getty)
Michael Heiman / Getty

California Gov. Gavin Newsom has backed down from closing all beaches in the State of California, explaining to reporters and to local officials on Thursday that the closure would apply only to Orange County.

On Wednesday, Los Angeles Fox affiliate KTTV 11 reported that Newsom intended to close all beaches and state parks in the state, effective May 1. In his daily coronavirus press briefing, he said the “hard close” would only apply to Orange County.

Asked whether a state police chiefs’ memo warning about the imminent statewide closure had been inaccurate, Newsom said: “Bottom line: that was their memo. That memo never got to me.”

Reporters — such as Bill Melugin of KTTV, who broke the story — suggested that Newsom was being less than honest about his policy and that he had, in fact, backed down.

Newsom’s decision to single out Orange County caps a week of controversy over his policy on beaches.

On Monday, Newsom scolded beachgoers in Ventura and Orange Counties after media images circulated showing large numbers of people at Newport Beach and Huntington Beach during a warm weekend. Both counties had kept beaches open, unlike Los Angeles County and others.

Despite Newsom’s admonitions, Newport Beach decided Tuesday to keep its beaches open, albeit with more police onsite to enforce social distancing requirements. San Diego County also proceeded with plans to open beaches in the county for exercise, not sunbathing — though some towns kept their local beaches closed.

“Look what happened in Japan. Look what happened in Singapore,” Newsom explained on Thursday, warning that “When you pull back to quickly, you literally put people’s lives at risk.”

Asked whether any outbreaks of coronavirus had been connected to the large number of people on the beaches last weekend, Newsom did not answer, saying it “may be premature,” given that only four days had passed.

He said that while state officials expected that there might be some “seasonality” to the virus, people should not treat sunshine as if it were a disinfectant.

Newsom did not explain how he intended to enforce the “hard close,” other than providing guidance to local authorities.

Newport Beach tweeted that it intended to comply with Newsom’s beach closure:

Some members of the public denied that the beaches had been crowded, and that the camera angle had provided a misleading picture:

Orange County is a traditionally Republican part of the state, though it has voted for Democrats in recent years.

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