Italy to Liberate International Travel to and from Country as of June 3

Emily Rusch via Unsplash

ROME — The Italian government issued a decree Saturday allowing travel to and from other countries beginning on June 3.

With consistently good numbers regarding the slowing of the coronavirus, the government has moved up the date for international travel from the previous marker of June 15. The opening to international travel will now coincide with Italy’s opening for travel between its regions.

The date of June 3 was chosen to keep the current travel ban in place until after the long holiday weekend ending on June 2, Italy’s Republic Day.

Also on June 3, any sector of the economy still shuttered at the time will be allowed to re-open provided people follow safety protocols.

Meanwhile, hairdressers, restaurants, and worship services will start up again on Monday, May 18, under strict social distancing and hygiene rules. As of Monday, those moving about their own regions will no longer be obliged to carry the hated “autocertificazione” papers.

On Sunday, patrols of Italy’s military police were in full evidence, stopping those wishing to sneak off to the seaside from anticipating the opening by a day.

Italy’s 31,763 deaths with coronavirus is the third-highest total in the world after the United States and the United Kingdom, but the number of active cases of infection has been declining rapidly, at a rate of over 10,000 cases per week.

The government warned that if numbers of new cases were to start increasing, the relaxation of restrictions could be revoked.


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