J.K. Rowling: ‘Transgender’ Claims Erase Women, Gays

J.K. Rowling
Ben Pruchnie/Getty Images

The transgender ideology will erase women and gays from the law and culture, said a polite tweet from J.K. Rowling, the British left-wing author of the Harry Potter books.

Rowling’s tweet prompted grateful responses from women, lesbians, and gays who have seen their priorities shoved aside as progressives embrace the transgender claims.

The transgender movement says each person’s biological sex is determined by their personal feeling of “gender,” not by their biology.

This claim demands governments force people of all ages to agree men do become real women whenever the men declare they have the “gender identity” of a woman.

It also requires everyone to accept the construct a man’s penis becomes a woman’s penis when he says so, and it requires all to encourage confused children to take risky and irreversible drugs and cosmetic surgery.

Critics say the transgender demand would outlaw the biological definition of women and men, and make it impossible for people to promote,  protect or celebrate the social status of women and men, lesbians and gays

Transgender activists reacted angrily to Rowling’s tweet:

Some progressives were confused by the idea that anyone could disagree with the transgender ideology. Molly Jong-Fast is an editor at TheDailyBeast.com:

Rowling responded politely, and with some sympathy towards men who insist they are women:

WOLF and other feminist and centrist groups used Twitter to answer the angry responses from pro-transgender progressives:

Many people thanked Rowling:

Rowling dismissed the insults with a short tweet:





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