New Yorkers Close Fifth Avenue to Support Donald Trump as He Fights Coronavirus

Fifth Avenue
Alyssa Paolicelli/@APaolicelli17

A caravan of more than 100 vehicles shut down Fifth Avenue in New York City to support President Donald Trump as he battles the coronavirus.

The long line of trucks, cars, and motorcycles mostly came from Long Island, bringing traffic to a halt for at least 30 minutes as they arrived outside Trump Tower to cheer for him, shouting “Four more years,” the New York Post reported.

The caravan also honked horns and waved flags in support of the president, but the noise stopped for at least a moment when the group called for a prayer.

“This is a serious situation — the leader of the free world is sick. The leader of the free world needs our support,” an organizer said over a loudspeaker, asking those gathered to “send some good energy to President Trump.”

After the moment of silence was complete, he shouted, “President Trump, we love you!” The group then started chanting, “USA! USA!”

There were no arrests for blocking traffic, and the demonstration remained peaceful.

“There were a lot of cops [but] there was no trouble,” said a local security guard, who estimated she saw the caravan blocking Fifth Avenue almost ten blocks from 54th Street to around 62nd Street. “It was peaceful, no stress. Nobody was hassling anybody,”

Since Trump confirmed early Friday that he tested positive for the coronavirus, there have been a number of rallies in support of the president across the country.

People rallied outside the Oklahoma State Capitol on Saturday, and thousands of Staten Island, New York, Trump supporters wished him well that same day.

There was even a prayer rally outside Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, where Trump is currently being treated for the coronavirus.

Trump even surprised his supporters gathered outside Walter Reed with a drive-by while he was seated with a mask on in a Secret Service SUV.


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