Officer Replaces Girl’s Puppy After Car Runs Over Hers: ‘Humanity at Its Finest’

New Puppy
Jonesboro Police Department/Facebook

When a police officer in Arkansas answered a call about a girl’s puppy being run over, he also learned how sad the traumatic incident made her feel.

On May 13, the Jonesboro Police Department (JPD) received a call from a woman named Terri about her daughter Jessica’s dog being killed, the department said in a Facebook post.

“Jessica was heartbroken. Officer Lane Cohn responded to the call and Jessica’s hurt pulled at his heartstrings,” the post read.

The following day, Cohn got in touch with the Jonesboro Animal Control (JAC), the JPD Community Outreach Office, and Terri regarding a special plan he had to remedy the situation.

On May 18, the officer spoke with his coworkers about adopting a puppy from JAC for the girl, and the officers donated every penny needed to do it, including its shots and surgeries.

A few days later, Officer Cohn and Officer Jones gave the special surprise to Jessica at her home along with a goody basket from the JAC that had food, a leash, harness, dog beds, and more gifts tucked inside:

🐾 On Thursday, May 13, JPD received a call from Terri regarding her daughter Jessica’s puppy being ran over. Jessica was…

Posted by Jonesboro Police Department on Friday, May 21, 2021

“Jessica was shocked and SO excited and thankful for all the officers who worked together to surprise her with this gift,” the department’s post continued:

We are so thankful to have officers like Lane at JPD. He could have just responded to this call and left it at that, but he went the extra steps to ask for help, ask for the mother’s permission, work with Animal Control to pick a puppy that would be suitable for Jessica, and present the puppy to the family at no cost. Great work to Officer Cohn, and thank you to all the officers who donated and to Jonesboro Animal Control for all their help and donations!

Facebook users praised the police officers for the thoughtful gesture, one calling it “Humanity at its finest.”

“Bless his heart and giving to the heart broken child. Outstanding performance from the JPD!!” another person commented.


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