WATCH– Secret Santa Gives School Custodian with Health Problems $10K: ‘Very Blessed’

A local news crew is helping an anonymous man give $1 million to deserving neighbors in Idaho, and one of them is named Tanya.

She works as the head custodian for a school and has a kind and giving spirit, East Idaho News reported Thursday.

When students come to her hungry, she ensures they are fed even if it means paying for it herself. The students enjoy helping her because she lets them know they are needed and loved.

Tanya also spends time assisting the teachers, is always positive, and would do anything for someone in need.

However, she has been experiencing health problems, which made her unable to go to work.

The outlet’s Nate Eaton was in Idaho Falls recently to surprise Tanya with $2,000 in gas cards and $10,000 for her to spend on whatever she needs.

“We are here because Secret Santa wanted us to bring you a present,” Eaton told her when she opened the door.

“Thank you, I appreciate that,” Tanya said as she took the small gift box.

“$5,000 on each of those,” Eaton told her when she opened the second box.

Tanya was clearly emotional, and said, “Very grateful, thank you. Very blessed,” adding that she never thought the crew would show up at her home.

“I didn’t think I was blessed enough for this, thank you,” she commented, to which Eaton replied, “You are,” before giving her a hug.

Tanya then asked him to give Secret Santa a heart-to-heart hug from her as a show of gratitude for his kindness.

Social media users expressed their joy over the special surprise, one person writing, “What a wonderful woman! I do not know her, but so glad Secret Santa blessed her. Merry Christmas from Florida!!”

“I met Tanya in 2nd grade. She had a big, loving heart even then,” another user commented.


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