WATCH – Policeman Delivers Food When DoorDash Driver Arrested: ‘Not Who You’re Expecting’

A Sioux Falls, South Dakota, resident named Anastasia Elsinger was greeted by someone unexpected at her door on Tuesday when a policeman handed over her Arby’s DoorDash order.

Ring camera footage showed the moment a Sioux Falls Police officer said the DoorDash driver had been taken into custody over “warrants he didn’t take care of,” KELO reported Wednesday.

Therefore, he took it upon himself to complete the delivery job.

In the clip, the officer smiled after pressing the doorbell and when the door opened, he said, “I know I’m not who you’re expecting.”

The resident laughed and thanked him for his kind gesture as she collected her order:

During a Wednesday briefing, Officer Sam Clemens spoke about what happened.

“This isn’t normal by any stretch,” he explained. “It’s not like we have officers that are out delivering food but the little things like this, going above and beyond, helping people out. That’s the things that we do. And probably more often than people realize.”

On what appeared to be Elsinger’s social media profile, she shared the video and thanked the officer again for going above and beyond, adding the meal was delicious.

“And I’m sure he’s waited a long time for his Grub Hub or his meal and stuff so he was just like, ‘well this is just sitting here, I mean the lady paid for it and everything like she’s going to wonder what happened,” Paige Martin, who is sister to the officer, told KELO.

Martin noted her brother did not want to be interviewed about the delivery.

“Well he’s not like one to talk, doesn’t really like publicity. I mean, I barely get a picture with him,” she commented.

However, his gesture showed many people a glimpse of neighborly kindness.

“It’s those little things that officers do that can make a big difference and that’s one of the reasons that we do the job,” Clemens stated.

“Why we have such a good relationship with the community is the support that we get and we recognize that those little things make a difference,” he concluded.


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