Child Whose Final Birthday Inspired Worldwide Card Drive Dies: ‘Pay Kindness Forward in Her Name’

Delaney Krings
Family of Delaney Krings

A little girl from Pewaukee, Wisconsin, who had terminal brain cancer died recently, and her mother has a special message for others.

Five-year-old Delaney Krings’s mother, Heather Krings, shared the news on their Caring Bridge website Saturday, then told Today the best way to remember the child is to show kindness to others.

“Pay some kindness forward in her name,” noted Krings.

To the people who showered their family with love and support, she said, “Please know in your heart she’s sharing a little bit of her love with you now, too, in the hopes that it helps you find light when it’s dark, and find the love when you’re sad.”

Photos show the little girl resting and at the hospital. In replies to the images, social media users shared their heartfelt condolences.

“Sending you and your beautiful family so much love and prayers and strength… there are no words to express how deeply sorry I am for what Delaney, you… the family are going through,” one person commented.

“Praying for the whole family,” another said.

In late October, doctors said then four-year-old Delaney had Diffuse Midline Glioma, and she had six to eight weeks left to live.

Her loved ones wanted only one thing, and that was to celebrate her birthday on December 16. To make it even more special, someone came up with the idea for a card drive that eventually took off.

“I just want her to have a great last birthday and last Christmas,” her father, Jack Krings, said:

Cards poured in from around the country and the world. On December 16, thousands of community members hosted a parade to celebrate her final birthday.

Video footage shows the massive turnout of vehicles with their lights flashing and people holding signs:

“It’s amazing, and there’s so many great people out there doing so much for us. You’re really happy to see it, but you wish it wasn’t your kid,” her dad said during the event.


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