VIDEO – Cowboy Who Lassoed Steer on Interstate Says ‘We’re Just Humble Country People’

The cowboy who lassoed a steer on I-75 in Detroit, Michigan, is getting tons of attention for his efforts.

Once the clip of Ricky Littlejohn and fiancée Trinidad Resendez chasing and catching Lester the cow took off on the internet, Littlejohn said he is getting numerous requests from people needing his help, Local 12 reported May 26.

Yeehaw! 🐎Ricky Littlejohn of North Adams was the cowboy who lassoed the cow on I-75 in Oakland County – and WILX Amaya…

Posted by WILX News 10 on Thursday, May 25, 2023

However, it was not the first time Littlejohn had tousled with Lester. When the cow escaped seven weeks prior, Littlejohn caught him.

But when Lester got loose again days later and journeyed over ten miles from home, his owners knew Littlejohn’s business, RJL Horse Catching, could remedy the situation.

In a social media post May 22, the Michigan State Police Second District shared dash cam footage of the incident, showing the cowboy riding alongside the interstate.

He chases the cow for quite a while until the steer decides to cut left and charge onto the busy roadway. When he made it to the pavement, the cowboy gains on him with his lasso whipping through the air.

Moments later, Littlejohn lassoes the cow and gets him to a grassy median:

One of the wranglers who helped Littlejohn told Fox 2 Detroit Lester is a “strong guy” who weighs about 1,000 pounds.

“A blessing he didn’t get hurt, nobody else got hurt. He got in the trailer, he got home, and he was back to his family and happy,” he recalled:

Following the incident, Littlejohn did not expect to get so much attention for his work.

“We help catch cows all the time and, you know, you might get a few Facebook likes or comments or stuff, and it’s turned into thousands and thousands. We’re just humble country people, you know,” he explained.

Real Born and Raised Michigan Cowboy..his name is Ricky Littlejohn. This steer had been loose for days and finally showed up on I-75. They called the right man for the job.

Posted by Gladwin Ranch Rodeo on Monday, May 22, 2023

When it comes to the horses who make it all possible, Littlejohn said they are like family “Because we can’t do our jobs without them. You just can’t.”


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