Report: Biden Administration to Withdraw Trump-Era Plan to Collect Immigrants’ DNA

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President Joe Biden’s administration is reportedly set to end a Trump-era proposal that tried to expand the number of immigrants required to give biometrics for their applications.

The proposal also would have increased personal information government officials could demand, including eye scans, voice prints, DNA, and photos used for facial recognition, BuzzFeed News reported Friday.

“The proposed rule, which was issued in September, would have made it so the government could request biometrics from immigrants who have received some benefit, like a green card or work permit, at any point up until they are a US citizen to ensure continuous ‘vetting,'” the outlet said.

Department of Homeland Security (DHS) officials will reportedly withdraw the rule Friday, the article continued:

US Citizenship and Immigration Services officers generally only require fingerprints, a signature, and a picture from foreign national adults and those over 14 hoping to obtain certain immigration benefits, like temporary visas, green cards, and citizenship. The regulation, however, was set to change the procedure to make it so everyone associated with an immigration benefit, from US citizen sponsors to applicants themselves, would be required to appear for biometrics collection unless told otherwise by USCIS.

According to the report, “There also would have been no age limit, allowing the government to obtain biometrics from those under 14.”

In August 2019, DHS officials drafted plans to expand DNA identification of migrants asking for asylum or trying to sneak over the border.

Breitbart News reported at the time:

The DNA testing would build on pilot projects which are being used by officials to confirm or refute relationship claims made by adults who bring children to the border. Border officials say those DNA tests have revealed dozens of cases where adults were bringing someone else’s child to help trigger the Flores catch and release loophole.

The outlet reported Thursday the Biden administration was considering a plan to give amnesty and reparations to over 1,000 illegal aliens deported under former President Trump.

“The Biden administration is currently negotiating a settlement by which attorneys with the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) are representing deported illegal alien parents and their children who remain in the United States,” the article said.


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