13-Year-Old Palestinian Girl Tries to Stab Israeli Security Guard

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Ynetnews reports:

A 13-year-old Palestinian girl tried to stab a civilian security guard at the entrance to the settlement of Anathoth in the West Bank’s Binyamin region on Saturday morning. The security guard shot and killed her before she was able to hurt him.

Initial investigation found that the Palestinian girl, Raqiya Abu Eid, had a fight with her family, leading her to leave her home in the nearby village of ‘Anata with a knife in her bag, apparently planning to die. Her father went after her, but arrived at the scene shortly after the attempted stabbing.

When she arrived in Anathoth at around 8am, she encountered the settlement’s security guard who asked her to identify herself, leading her to run towards the guard, knife-in-hand.

The guard managed to dodge the knife and then shoot her, critically wounding her. Paramedics tried to resuscitate her, but had to declare her dead at the scene.

The girl’s father was arrested and taken for questioning at the Ma’ale Adumim police station, and police will try to ascertain whether the family knew the girl intended to stab Israelis and if so, whether they did anything to stop her.

Her mother, Reeda Abu Eid, said there had been no trouble before her daughter left the family home, a tent in the Palestinian village ‘Anata.

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