Turkey Detains Six Alleged IS Terrorists Planning Attacks

Turkish Police
Wikimedia Foundation

The Times of Israel reports: Turkish authorities have detained six suspected Islamic State terrorists who were allegedly planning to carry out attacks in the central Turkish city of Konya.

Gov. Muammer Erol said Saturday that the six — all foreign nationals — were detained in Konya late Friday. He said the group was “in pursuit of attacks” against Turkish government officials visiting Konya or at “strategic” locations in the city. He did not give their nationalities.

Turkey has been rocked by six deadly suicide bomb attacks since July — four of them blamed on Islamic State terrorists.

Most recently, a suicide attack in a busy pedestrian street in Istanbul killed four tourists on March 19, three of them Israelis.

Israel and the US recently warned their citizens of immediate and credible threats in the country, with Jerusalem urging any Israelis to leave.

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