Ring Jews Gave To Oskar Schindler’s Almost Thrown To The Trash

Oskar Schindler

Ynetnews reports: Before Louis’s Gross’ father, Jozef Gross, passed away in Melbourne, Australia, he bequeathed an unassuming box to his son. The box would have been thrown in the garbage but for the interest of one of Louis’ acquaintance.

When he saw the ring, he recognized its importance and suggested that it be looked at.

Louis discovered that that he was in possession of the ring that was given to the industrialist Oskar Schindler as a gift of gratitude from Jews who he employed in his factory during World War II.

During the Holocaust, Gross’ father, a jeweler,  joined Schindler’s factory together with 1,200 other Jews. He produced the gold signet ring that was given to Schindler and was even used in one of the scenes in the acclaimed movie, “Schindler’s List”.

“My father made a model out of lead pipe, used cuttlefish to make the mold, used a channel to pour the lead into the cuttlefish,” Gross told ABC Radio.

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