Netanyahu: I’m Responsible For Israel’s Defense, ‘Stop The Crying’

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu speaks to the press at southern Israeli port of Eilat, on March 10, 2014, as Israel displayed advanced rockets type M-302 that were unloaded from the Panamanian-flagged Klos-C vessel on March 9, 2014 in Eilat.

The Times of Israel reports: Seeking to assuage fears over the expected appointment of Avigdor Liberman as defense minister, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday said he has the final word on Israel’s security operations.

The prime minister also urged Israelis to stop their “crying and moaning,” over the dramatic political shake-up that saw former defense minister Moshe Ya’alon abruptly leave political life on Friday, with Liberman set to replace him and bring his five-seat Yisrael Beytenu party into the razor-thin coalition.

“I, who fought as an officer and soldier in [the elite unit] Sayeret Matkal, who was in battle and was injured — I see to Israel’s security,” and “lead the operations,” said Netanyahu.

“In the end, the prime minister navigates all the operations with the defense minister and IDF chief of staff. It seems I haven’t done a bad job in the past two years, and so it will continue now. Responsible, determined, intelligent policies designed to uphold security,” he said.

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