Police Get Restraining Orders Against Anti-Gay Protesters For Tel Aviv Pride Parade

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David Silverman/Getty

TEL AVIV – A number of restraining orders were secured by the Tel Aviv police on Wednesday against people who may post the threat of violence at Friday’s LGBT Pride Parade, The Jerusalem Post reported.

The restraining orders – which number less than ten – are intended to prevent the persons in question from repeating acts of violence.

“The Israel Police is working in accordance with the law in order to prevent any harm to human life and to preserve the public order and safety of participants, and to apply lessons learned in previous events,” a statement by the district police read.

On July 30, 2015, Yishai Schlissel stabbed several people at Jerusalem’s LGBT parade, including 16-year-old Shira Banki who later died of her wounds.

Schlissel was released from prison only a few weeks before the event, after serving a ten-year sentence for committing the exact same crime at the 2005 Jerusalem LGBT parade. A subsequent police inquiry found that seven police officers were to be removed from their posts over their failure to prevent the tragedy.

Tel Aviv police also urged the public to exercise vigilance during the parade, reporting anything suspicious to the police. They added that people should lock their houses and avoid mentioning on social media that they would not be at home.

Tens of thousands of tourists from all over the world have descended on the city this week in honor of the LGBT festivities, culminating in Friday’s parade. The city is often voted a leading gay tourist destination by the LGBT community.