Up to 150 Men and Women Detained at Party in Iran

Getty Images
Getty Images

The Guardian reports: Up to 150 people have been detained in Iran after the morality police raided what has been described as a mixed-gender party near Tehran.

In the sweltering heat and as people spend more time outside, the authorities tighten their grip on social norms, cracking down on activities deemed un-Islamic.

Such restrictions have become a regular feature of Iranian life since the 1979 Islamic revolution, as members of the morality police appear on the streets, or are deployed in vans at public places, to tackle women defying the compulsory hijab, men with non-approved hairstyles, or males and females partying together.

Mohsen Khancherli, a senior police commander, confirmed to the semi-official Tasnim news agency on Monday that the arrests had been made, but did not say whether any of those detained were still in custody.

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