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WaPo Worried Images of Unveiled Iranian Women Protesting Regime Could Tie Hijabs to ‘Oppression,’ Justify ‘Sanctions’

Images of unveiled Iranian women protesting against the Islamic regime of Iran following the death of young woman in police custody risk producing “misogynistic assumptions that the veil is a universal marker for oppression,” warned a recent Washington Post essay, which also argued such depictions risk “legitimizing foreign intervention, from increased sanctions to warfare.”

Women burn headscarves during a rally in Cyprus' southern coastal city of Limassol on Octo

Islamic State Blocks News on Liberation Offensive in Mosul

The Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL) has restricted Mosul residents’ access to news about the outside world in an effort to insulate civilians and its own fighters from information about the U.S.-backed Iraqi army’s offensive to liberate the city, reports Reuters.