Initiative Aims to Bring French Jewish Doctors to Israel


The Jerusalem Post reports: Dr. Jessie Aouizerate, a 34-year-old nephrologist from France, spent a week in Israel recently looking into employment options.

Living in Paris, she began thinking about making Aliyah after the series of terrorist attacks that hit the city these last two years.

“During the Bataclan theatre attack I was on shift at the hospital and treated the injured,” she recalled. “This caused me to decide to change something in my life.”

Aouizerate is one of a growing number of French medical professionals seeking to make Aliya to Israel.

“This week I met with senior people in one of Israel’s Hospitals to see if they could offer me a job. I began studying Hebrew and would like to live in Tel Aviv,” she said.

In 2016, a record number of 151 physicians and nurses from France have shown an interest in coming to Israel and working in their professions. Another 56 have already made Aliyah and hope to find employment in hospitals and other positions in healthcare system.

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