IDF Spokesperson: Iran Trying To ‘Keep The fire Of Terrorism Burning’

Iranian soldiers from the Revolutionary Guards march during the annual military parade in the capital Tehran, in 2015

The Times of Israel reports: Army spokesperson Moti Almoz confirmed on Monday that the army believes Sunday’s clash between IDF troops and members of an Islamic State-affiliate in Syria was not part of a larger push by the Sunni terror group.

The remark came in an interview with the London-based Elaph newspaper, an outlet owned by a businessman in Saudi Arabia, which has grown closer to Israel over mutual fears of Iranian hegemony in the region.

As The Times of Israel reported Sunday, the prevailing theory is that the clash, which resulted in Israeli killing four members of the Khalid ibn al-Walid Army, formerly known as the Yarmouk Brigade, most likely did not represent a change in IS policy, though it could have been an attempt to test the IDF or score a public relations win.

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