Semi-Official Islamic State Publication Makes Case Against U.S. Following Brussels Attacks

A fighter from Jaish al-Islam (Islam Army), the foremost rebel group in Damascus province who fiercely oppose to both the regime and the Islamic State group, fires in Harasta Qantara, near Marj al-Sultan on the eastern outskirts of Damascus, on January 23, 2016, during clashes with government forces after they …

JAFFA, Israel – The Islamic State’s semi-official publication, Al-Naba, ranted against the United States in a column published several hours after Tuesday’s deadly attacks in Brussels.

The magazine, which is distributed in print in areas under IS control, seems to be laying the ideological foundations for future IS attacks on America.

The article is titled “War Against America: A Sharia ordinance.” Its contents were widely reported in the Arabic news media on Wednesday.

“Thank Allah, IS embarrassed the United States,” the column stated. “Allah helped the mujahedeen in Iraq inflict on America the greatest defeat in its history. But we didn’t turn this war into idolatry – in other words, we didn’t neglect religion and collaborate with infidels to achieve it.”

The column says that hostility to America is fundamentally linked to belief in Allah, and that Islam warrants violent opposition to America’s leaders, who are “tyrants, in the Islamic sense.”

“America today is a tyranny that is disloyal to Allah,” the paper said.

It has a government of infidels whose laws are man-made [as opposed to Quranic laws decreed by Allah], that fights against Allah and his laws and permits transgressions like prostitution, homosexuality, drunkenness, gambling, and others under the cloak of liberties. That’s why it’s spearheading tyranny around the world.

Communists, Shiite loyalists in Iran, and several Arab regimes are also hostile to the United States, the paper continues, “but that’s because it threatened their regimes. They want to dispose of the American tyranny in order to establish another tyranny in its stead, like the strictly materialist Communist tyranny or the tyranny of the Shi’ite Ayatollahs.”

Al-Naba separated this kind of hostility from IS’s purely religious motivations.

IS loyalists made similar anti-American comments on social media after the Brussels attacks, as Breitbart Jerusalem reported on Tuesday.