WATCH: Argentina Commuters Save Woman Pushed onto Subway Tracks

A crowd of commuters in Argentina saved a woman who was accidentally pushed onto the subway tracks, according to video footage captured last week.

The video shows the woman, only identified as Andrea, walking on a Buenos Aires subway platform when a man appeared to faint. When the man fainted, he fell forward and knocked her onto the tracks with his head.

Surveillance footage showed the woman fall onto the tracks, appearing to hit her head and fall unconscious.

Moments later, a subway train pulled into the station. The commuters on the platform frantically waved at the train engineer to hit the brakes. The engineer took notice, stopping the train just feet away from where the woman lay on the tracks.

Once it was safe, several men then jumped down onto the train tracks to pull her to safety. The courageous strangers stayed with her until paramedics arrived to give her medical attention, People Magazine reported.

Train operator Roxana Elizabeth Flores called the rescue “a miracle,” in an interview with the Telefé news channel, according to Spanish-language news outlet La Nacion.

“People signaled and I immediately saw the person on the tracks and applied the emergency brake, as the protocol says,” she told the outlet.

The woman’s husband, Marcelo, told La Nacion that she is starting to become more lucid and can feed herself but is still in shock.

“Today she asked to watch the video [of the incident] and she began to cry,” he said. “She can’t believe it.”

Police took the unidentified man in for questioning but later released him.

Marcelo told La Nacion that when he got to the platform, the man had a cut on his forehead. He added that they all rode together in an ambulance, where the unidentified man told him he felt sick at work and fainted while on his way home.


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