Report: NY Rioters Burn American Flags Stolen from Homes

Flags stolen by protesters burned in New York streets during anti-police union march. (Twitter Video Screenshot/Dean Moss)
Twitter Video Screenshot/Dean Moss

During an anti-police union/QAnon protest in New York, demonstrators reportedly stole U.S. flags from homes and set them on fire. Rioters in Portland previously threatened to burn down a home for flying the American flag.

Protesters marched from Bushwick, New York, to Maspeth on October 6 to protest police unions and QAnon, AMNY reported. During the march, some “peaceful protesters” yanked American flags from private homes and set them on fire, the article states.

As the marchers attempted to burn the stolen flags, New York City police officers dispersed the crowd.

AMNY reports the protesters marched through a residential neighborhood that is reportedly the home of Sergeants Benevolent Association President Ed Mullins. The crowd seeks his resignation from the police union.

As darkness fell, some of the protesters began yanking American flags from private homes. They defaced the flags with a message of “Stolen land,” the article states. They then piled up the stolen flags and attempted to set them on fire in the middle of the road.

Residents emerged from their homes after hearing the noises of the flags being desecrated. Tensions escalated until police arrived and chased the protesters from the scene. The reports state police made no arrests.

Late last month in Portland, Oregon, protesters took to the streets of a suburban neighborhood and confronted a homeowner flying an American flag on his home, the New York Times reported.

A man referred to by the New York newspaper as Mr. Moses, is described as a black man who runs a non-profit group in the Portland area. Mr. Moses said protesters confronted him at this home, saying, “How dare you fly the American flag?” He said the group threatened to come back and burn the house down.

Mr. Moses’ group provides assistance to homeless people in Portland.

The Times concluded:

The American flag that generated controversy is displayed in Kenton, a neighborhood of Portland with small bungalows, lush front gardens and ripe fruit trees. Weeks after the confrontation, the husband and wife who fly the flag said they were fearful of retaliation from the roving protesters, who had found their phone number.

But they say they will not be intimidated into removing the flag.

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