Anti-Police Protesters Attack, One Cop Sent to Hospital with Head Injury in Rhode Island

Fireworks thrown at Providence, RI, police during "peaceful protest." (Twitter Video Screenshot/Darren Botelho)
Twitter Video Screenshot/Darren Botelho

A Providence, Rhode Island, police officer sustained a head injury as an anti-police protest breaks out. Police ordered the crowd to disperse after being attacked with large fireworks and other thrown objects.

Protesters took to the streets of Providence following an incident on Sunday where a moped being pursued by police crashed and left the driver hospitalized with a serious brain injury, ABC6 reported. A video shot by a bystander suggests the police cruiser engaged in the pursuit may have struck the moped as it lost control rounding a corner.

After the word spread about the planned protest, Rhode Island House Minority Leader Patricia Morgan (R) warned “Peaceful protests aren’t only in Portland. They are coming everywhere.”

Bernard Tribble, the stepfather of Jhamal Gonzalves, the young man injured in the crash, called for the protesters to remain peaceful, ABC6 reporter Darren Botelho tweeted.

“This is about justice for Jhamal Gonsalves,” Tribble said. “If anybody came out here with a different agenda, you need to go home.”

One of the speakers called for defunding the local police department.

The “peaceful protest” turned violent as protesters began throwing bottles and other objects at the police, the Boston Globe reported. At least one officer had to be taken to the hospital after being struck in the head by one of the objects.

Demonstrators began throwing large fireworks at the police officer in a scene reminiscent of riots in Portland, Oregon.

The protest came to a close after police made multiple arrests.

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