peaceful protests

Looting Begins as Violent Protest Continues in Wisconsin

The march from Milwaukee to Wauwatosa, Wisconsin, descended from peaceful protest to vandalism to looting on Wednesday night. Under the cover of darkness, dozens of protesters began smashing windows of homes and businesses and moved on to loot a convenience store.

Dozens of "peaceful protesters" loot a Wisconsin convenience store. (Twitter Video Screenshot/Julio Rosas)

Portland ‘Protester’ Injured After Allegedly Violating Court Order

A video tweeted by journalist Andy Ngô shows a woman being treated by “protest medics” after being struck in the face by impact munitions fired by police. Ngô identified the woman as Carly Anne Ballard who is accused of assaulting a police officer and has been ordered by a federal judge to stay five blocks away from the courthouse.

Portland woman injured after allegedly violating court order to stay away from federal courthouse. (Twitter Video Screenshot/Andy Ngo)