WATCH: Protester Assaults Videographer in DC


A protester reportedly “assaulted” a videographer who was filming during protests Tuesday night in D.C.’s Black Lives Matter Plaza.

Jorge Ventura Media tweeted video footage of the moment a protester wearing a camouflage jacket told the videographer, “I will put that fucking camera through you. The fuck is wrong with you?”:

“Don’t you ever put your hands on me to get a fucking shot,” the protester said before shoving the videographer’s camera into her face.

“Fuck that fucking camera,” she continued, then walked away.

However, when the videographer told her she was doing her job, the protester came toward her again, saying, “Bitch, I will beat your ass.”

Moments later, two people stepped in between them before things escalated further.

Earlier in the evening, a fight broke out at the plaza when a man wearing black began fighting with another man in a white shirt, according to Breitbart News.

“The video shows multiple people joining in and assaulting the man before he manages to escape,” the report said.

At one point in the video, a person wearing all black appeared to hit the man in the white shirt with a baseball bat.

In addition, the Metropolitan DC Police made what was reportedly the first election night protest arrest Tuesday when a man refused to leave the plaza that is located near the White House, according to Breitbart News.

Video footage showed officers trying to wrestle the man in a grey hoodie to the ground.

When another protester attempted to interfere, a female officer told him to move back and pushed him out of the way before forming a line with the other officers.

“Protesters refused to move from the area as police officers attempted to remove an illegally parked BLM protest flatbed truck. The truck was loaded with protesters in the back,” the Breitbart News report said.

The officers were eventually able to clear a path so the vehicle could move out of the area.


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