Watch: Violence Breaks Out Between Antifa and Trump Supporters in Washington State

Antifa Attack
Screenshot Twitter @KatieDaviscourt

Violence broke out between Antifa members and Trump supporters during a rally at the state capitol in Washington State. The supporters of U.S. President Donald J. Trump had gathered at the state capitol to question the legitimacy of the election when the clash broke out.

On Saturday afternoon, dozens of Trump supporters took to the streets in Olympia, Washington, and made their way to the capitol to protest the results of the current election.

Dozens of vehicles could be seen earlier in the afternoon heading to the state capitol in Olympia, said local journalist Matt McKnight.

During that protest, a cell phone video posted by local citizen journalist Katie Daviscourt captured the moment when police use tear gas and less-lethal munitions to break up a fight between alleged Antifa and BLM members and Trump supporters. In that video, a bloodied man in a black sweatshirt claims to not remember how he got hurt in the scuffle.

In a second video, two women tell Daviscourt that they were attacked by a man wearing a “gay pride” facemask and a BLM member who began punching them until the man in the black sweatshirt stepped in to protect them. He also got assaulted.

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