Christian Trump Supporter Attacked 3 Times by Antifa at Washington, D.C. Protest

Antifa attacks Trump supporters at a rally in DC on December 12. (Twitter Video Screenshot
Twitter Video Screenshot/Drew Hernandez

Antifa and BLM protesters attacked a Christian Trump supporter during an event in Washington, D.C., on Saturday evening. A man wearing all black comes up behind the man and punches him in the back of the head.

A tweet by journalist Drew Hernandez shows a man walking down a sidewalk in the nation’s capital. He says “Jesus Christ is coming back” to the surrounding crowd of hecklers. Sometime later, a man wearing black bloc comes up behind him and punches him in the back of the head.

Another man attempts to pepper spray the Christian man who takes off after his attacker. After chasing the man a few yards, he turns around and comes back.

Sometime later, he is seen trying to pick up a bicycle and another attacker jumps on his back. Others in the area pull the attacker off his back.

In another incident, Antifa/BLM protesters and Trump supporters engaged in a fight outside the Capitol Hilton Hotel. The video below shows a Trump supporter being hit in the head with a megaphone by one of the Antifa protesters.

Earlier in the day, Trump supporters gathered in Freedom Plaza for the “March for Trump” rally. The crowd sang “God Bless the USA.”

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