GUILTY: BLM Protester Admits Plan to Cut Brake Line on NYPD Van

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A Black Lives Matter protesters pleaded guilty last week to attempting to cut the brake lines on a New York City police vehicle. The protester told a confidential informant he wanted to “hurt police.”

Jeremy Trapp, 24, admitted to a federal court in New York that he intended to harm a police officer by cutting the brake lines of a police cruiser, Jonathan Turley reported. An FBI agent stated Trapp reached out to a confidential informant to discuss his plan. He reportedly told the informant “that the police were racist, that he wanted to harm police and their supporters, and that he had previously been involved in destroying property and burning a police car.”

A photograph shows Trapp under the police vehicle attempting to cut the brake lining. In the plea agreement, Trapp avoided more serious charges and plead to “damaging a vehicle,” Turley wrote.

Police found the vandalized van and began an investigation, Breitbart News reported in July 2020. Investigators found the brakes were no longer functional after the line was cut.

Police officials told NBC New York that they were aware of Trapp prior to this incident, claiming he was frequently seen at the Occupy City Hall protest in Manhattan.

Police arrested him on July 17 after a picture of him under the van surfaced.

In October, a NYPD cruiser crashed into another vehicle after its brake lines were cut, Breitbart reported.

Fox News stated:

Police learned about the suspected sabotage nearly two weeks after the Oct. 7 accident in which two officers assigned to the NYPD’s Transit District 20 rear-ended a car at a red light in Queens, an NYPD spokeswoman told Fox News. The officers were driving near Queens Boulevard and Union Turnpike when the vehicle’s brakes failed, and it hit another vehicle at slow speed.

Another police vehicle sabotage incident took place as two NYPD officers found leaking a brake line, the New York Daily News reported.


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