Live Updates: Election Eve Celebrity Midterm Madness

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Hollywood celebrities revved up their social media sniveling in the waning hours before the highly anticipated midterm elections. The hysteria among Hollywood elites reached a fever pitch on Monday, with countless stars sharing unhinged screeds, snark, and smears about Republican candidates and President Donald Trump.

Below is the Breitbart Election Eve Celebrity Live Wire, where we will follow the latest midterm news and reaction from the most vocal Hollywood activists.

In case you were wondering, here’s what the Black Eyes Peas want you to know about tomorrow’s election.

Actor Danny DeVito (and his mother) want you to get out there and vote.

Actress Piper Perabo is talking to you California!

Actor Tom Arnold believes that tomorrow’s election will lead to the uncovering of the #TrumpTapes, he says are being hidden by allies of the president.

With a little levity, actor Dwayne Johnson wants you to go vote and laugh at Kevin Hart.

TBS late-night host Samantha Bee’s Full Frontal pushed the network’s voter quiz gaming app.

Comedian Lewis Black is voting for voting and for families.

Alyssa Milano is photo banking for a left-wing California Democrat.

Latinos, Ferrera says, will decide where America is headed.

Rather than get political, model-actress-activist Emily Ratajkowski was pensive about her laundry.

Amy Schumer shared a video of her ultrasound, in which she urged her followers to vote.

Here actor Sean Astin chides left-wing media outlets like MSNBC and CNN for hyping the Democrats’ election chances, just like they did in 2016 before Donald Trump handily beat Hillary Clinton.

Judd Apatow doesn’t want you to forget to tune in to the telethon where left-wing celebrities beg people to go out and vote.

Cher wants you to know that your vote, like hers, is a “matter of life and death.”

America Ferrera is pumped for Election Day!

Lena Dunham, always busy, took time to share a meme about voting.

Actress Debra Messing is all up in arms about … voting machines.

Here actress Elizabeth Perkins details how she voted for the Blue Wave and waited in line to do so.

Actor Ike Barinholtz admits the election is making him crazy.

Actress Brie Larson wants you to be a superhero like her and vote.

Actress Martha Plimpton shared this thoughtful message.

Leftist Atlanta rapper T.I. shared this handy election information post.

Actor Ben Stiller is hitting the campaign trail in New York City.

Jimmy Kimmel came back online to share a list of names of lawmakers he says gutting protections for people with preexisting conditions.

Michael Moore threw his support behind a couple Michigan Democrats, accusing Republicans of poisoning the people.

Actress Rachel Bronsnahan voted today …. “with love.”

Bette Midler put on her economist hat to share this message with voters in red states.

Holland Taylor is here promoting a star-studded telethon meant to promote voting.

Actress Rosario Dawson shared a GOTV video featuring herself and Julianne Moore.

For Rosie O’Donnell, it all comes down to three things: Eat. Sleep. Vote.

TV talk show host Ellen DeGeneres shared this election video offering a plan for voters.

Actor James Woods dropped this friendly reminder about Democrat activist and fake Trump Alec Baldwin.

Director Judd Apatow here calls President Trump racist and want you to go vote.

Actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt wants us to… remember.

Actor John Cusack offered up this completely sane tweet.

Bette Midler released her list of lawmaker who she says will take us our of the 19th century.

Actress Amy Brenneman decided that a selfie was the best way to motivate people to vote.

Barbra Streisand took a break from her album promotion to share this warning.

Actress Jamie Lee Curtis sent a long distance message urging every American to vote.

Actor Josh Gad wants you to know how important tomorrow is.

Late-host Jimmy Kimmel has a serious message about pancakes and voting.

House of Cards actor Michael Kelly is excited to vote!

Director Joss Whedon think President Donald Trump supporting election integrity is voter suppression.

Alec Baldwin took a break from street brawling to remind us all about the stakes riding on these midterms.

Super-producer Shonda Rhimes says it’s time.

Actor Kumail Nanjiani offered up a pre-election poem.

In case you were wondering, here’s who actor Mark Ruffalo is supporting.

Seth Rogen is all in, you guys.

Here’s Handler again pushing a telethon that will see a slew of celebrities asking people to pledge to vote on Tuesday.

Actor Zach Braff has this message for young voters.


Actor Patton Oswalt just wanted to make sure his followers have a plan to vote.

Comedian and actress Wanda Sykes passed on these words of wisdom to Republicans.

Ellen producer Andy Lassner had this to say.

Actor Adam Scott says not voting is “rebellion.”

Chelsea Handler was up early urging her follower to head to the polls.

Actor Jim Carrey wasted no time sharing this piece dedicated to Beto O’Rourke and Democrats.

Actor-comedian Dave Chappelle is ramping up his support for Democrat candidate Ben Jealous.

  1. Bill Clinton Jokes About Being First Lady as He and Hillary Cast Their Votes
  2. CNN, MSNBC Press Trump’s Sons on Agreeing to Concede Election
  3. Hyper-Accurate Election Model Still Predicts a Donald Trump Victory
  4. Donald Trump Takes Tiny Vote Lead in Early New Hampshire Towns
  5. Gun Control on the Ballot in Four States
  6. Donald Trump Votes in New York City
  7. Topless Women Protest Donald Trump at His NYC Polling Place
  8. Julian Assange: American Public ‘Real Victor’ of Wikileaks’ Clinton Releases
  9. Nate Silver: Polling Error Could Be ‘Higher Than Usual’ Thanks to Late-Breaking Undecideds
  10. Mike Pence Rides Bicycle Before Heading to Polling Place
  11. Utah: Voting Machine Problems Could Force 52,000 to Use Paper Ballots
  12. Frank Luntz: Trump Could Win Michigan — Working-Class Turnout ‘Much Higher than Expected’
  13. First Exit Poll: Twice as Many Voters in 2016 Want ‘Strong Leader’ as President
  14. Officials: PA Voting Machines Incorrectly Registered Straight Republican Votes
  15. Florida: Two Poll Watchers Fired at Broward County Voting Station
  16. Only Correct Public Brexit Poll Predicts Trump Victory
  17. Nevada: Trump Campaign Files Lawsuit Alleging ‘Anomalies’ in Early Voting
  18. Barack Obama Calls Radio Stations to Boost Clinton Turnout in FL, MI, PA
  19. Rush Limbaugh: ‘George W. Bush, Laura Bush Voted for Hillary Clinton Today’
  20. Philadelphia: Multiple Reports of Voter Fraud Hit Social Media
  21. North Carolina: Voting Machines Incorrectly Say Dozens Already Cast Ballots
  22. Latino Vote Up in Florida and Nevada
  23. WATCH: Elderly PA Woman Shocks CNN Anchor Asking if She’s ‘Excited for the First Female President’
  24. EXCLUSIVE — Lara Trump: ‘Whatever Happens, We will Be Together as a Family’
  25. Reuters/Ipsos Exit Poll: 3 in 4 Think Economy ‘Rigged’ for ‘Rich and Powerful,’ Want ‘Strong Leader’
  26. NY Daily News: Madonna Won’t Honor Promise to Fellate Hillary Voter
  27. Record Voter Turnout Expected in Michigan
  28. Colorado Voting Computers Crash, Frustrating Voters
  29. Exit Polls: Americans Deeply Divided After Eight Years of Obama
  30. CNN Fact Checkers Rush to Correct Trump Typo
  31. Exclusive — Pennsylvania Rep. Mike Kelly: Call PA GOP Hotline for Any Concerns About Ballots
  32. Tim Scott Elected to First Full Senate Term
  33. Ohio Republican Rob Portman Wins Re-Election to Senate Seat
  34. Marco Rubio Wins Re-Election to Florida Senate Seat
  35. Republican Todd Young Defeats Evan Bayh in Indiana Senate Race
  36. Rep. Tammy Duckworth Unseats Illinois Senator Mark Kirk
  37. Republicans to Retain Control of House of Representatives
  38. Clinton Campaign Releases Katy Perry to Rally the Troops at Victory Party
  39. NBC: Hillary Clinton Wins Colorado
  40. The New York Times Election Tracker Takes a Roller-Coaster Ride
  41. Donald Trump Projected to Win Iowa
  42. Republican Hindu Coalition: We Swung 25,000 Indian-American Votes
  43. Pennsylvania’s Pat Toomey Wins Re-Election, Ensuring Republican Senate Majority
  44. AP: Donald Trumps Wins White House in Astonishing Victory


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