Donnelly Aims to Defeat Kashkari and Brown with Conservative Principles

Donnelly Aims to Defeat Kashkari and Brown with Conservative Principles

Appearing on the Breitbart News Sunday show dedicated to the Breitbart California site launch, Republican gubernatorial hopeful Tim Donnelly agreed with host Steven K. Bannon’s assessment that California may be on the brink of a “conservative renaissance.”

Bannon opened the interview by reminding the listeners that California was the home of influential Republicans like Ronald Reagan, Richard Nixon, and Howard Jarvis. Also, the state was the backbone of the Goldwater revolution.

Donnelly, facing a daunting and near impossible journey to unseat Governor Jerry Brown, told Breitbart News’s Executive Chairman that he “absolutely” believes that he has a chance to win. 

“I wouldn’t waste my time or my donor’s money or my volunteers’ time if I didn’t think I could,” the feisty Republican assemblyman asserted. Donnelly insists that he has the backing of middle class Californians who want to get rid of Common Core, unleash free enterprise, protect their 2nd Amendment rights, restrict government regulations, and uphold the Constitution.

Theassemblyman from San Bernadino admits that his coffers are low. Yet even after Bannon pointed out that Donnelly’s opponent, Neil Kashkari, has a reported $1 million in the bank and that, as of the most recent reports, Donnelly had only $10,000, Donnelly seemed unfazed.

Governor Brown’s treasure chest is some $17 million.

“I’m being flown around the state by millionaires and billionaires who have bought into this campaign. Unfortunately, there is not enough yet. But I have raised over 600,000 off of business cards and met over 50,000 people in person over the last year and a half.”

Donnelly says his efforts are working, and he asserted that “the polls are now showing me beating my nearest opponent by 5 to 1 without spending a single penny on advertising.” Donnelly boasted that he is not just beating Kashkari. “I’m destroying him in spite of the fact that the media is having a honeymoon with him. They’re giving him all of these spots on CNN and Fox News.” 

Nevertheless, Donnelly believes the people are with him, and insists: “We are going to win this primary on the ground with the army that we have raised.”

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