Kashkari 4th in Poll, Behind Margin of Error

Kashkari 4th in Poll, Behind Margin of Error

Republican gubernatorial hopeful and former U.S. Treasury official Neel Kashkari is, by far, the most well-funded candidate in the GOP, and enjoys the rhetorical support of the party establishment. However, he is a distant fourth in the latest Field Poll, drawing only 2% of likely voters–well below the poll’s margin of error.

Kashkari is third place in the Republican field, behind Assemblyman Tim Donnelly with 17%, and Laguna Hills Mayor Andrew Blount with 3%.

 Incumbent Jerry Brown leads with 57% of likely voter support. Republicans even prefer Brown to Blount or Kashkari, with the Democrat drawing 17% of the Republican vote (behind 34% for Donnelly) and 20% of the Tea Party vote (behind 31% for Donnelly, who identifies with the Tea Party).

Despite repeated controversies over his blunt statements on illegal immigration and gun rights, Donnelly has a slightly positive impression among likely voters (26% favorable, 24% unfavorable). The moderate Kashkari has a slightly negative impression (16% favorable, 20% unfavorable). 

All will compete directly with Brown in the June 3 primary, which follows the “blanket” or “jungle” system. The top two candidates will advance.